Workshop on QCD Tools for LHC Physics:
From 8 to 14 TeV

"What's needed and why?"



Thursday & Friday: November 14-15, 2013
Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA

The meeting is designed to promote an informal, loosely structured, working atmosphere between experimentalists and phenomenologists, who are actively confronting precision predictions and comparisons with LHC data, with a goal to identify areas that the theory/tools did not work well and discuss improvements and new tools that will be needed for the 14-TeV run.  The workshop will be structured with a minimum number of talks in order to maximize discussion.


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Organizing Committee:

Hosted by: The CTEQ Collaboration, the LHC Physics Centers at CERN, DESY, and Fermilab, and the ATLAS Physics Analysis Center at ANL

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